South Burnett Gem and Fossicking Club Inc

South Burnett Gem and Fossicking Club Inc

About Us

We are a non-profit club that is charged with assisting members and visitors in understanding, producing and appreciating the natural wonders of gemstones, crystals and minerals. We have a large range of tools and equipment that you can use to create your own special gem at our regular weekly sessions. Contact us for further information.

For Your Enjoyment

Why not contact us, using the details below, and see how we can show you how to enjoy the true wonders of nature.

(A view of an inside trader from our 2019 Gem Show )

An example of some of those natural wonders!

We’re always happy to talk about how we can best work with you to increase your love of Gems, Crystals and Rocks.

Important:- Note the change of venue!

Our 2022 Gem Show will now be held at the Wondai Sports Ground on the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of April, 2022


South Burnett Gem and Fossicking Club Inc

2022 Gem Show

Saturday and Sunday, 2nd and 3rd of April from 9am (both days)

Wondai Sports Ground, Bunya Highway, Qld.

Entry:- Adults $5.00, children under 12 Free

Covid Safe: According to applicable rules and regulations at the time.

Enquiries to the Secretary:- Ph 0491 606 427


Post Office Box 574, Kingaroy, Qld., 4610

Interesting comments from last year’s show.

The 2021 Gem Show is now over and all those volunteers and stall holders involved will now be still putting everything away till next time. The South Burnett Gem and Fossicking Club will be reviewing every aspect of this years show and will, in time, make a decision about next year. The show just finished has only been the second year this show has been held, the first being 2019, with 2020 cancelled due to Covid19.

It would appear that the show was a success as virtually every stall holder was happy and we had many positive comments from representatives from other South East Queensland clubs. The general public were also pleased with the standard of the displays and the variety of product available to purchase. The Club ran 2 raffles that offered 22 different prizes for ticket holders, including 10 excellent mineral samples in one lot, and 12 separate prize packages supplied by our generous sponsors in the other.

In addition to the above winnable prizes, the club ran 5 lucky door prizes drawn at various times over the 2 day show. These door prizes could only be claimed by the person holding the ticket within 5 minutes of the winning number being announced, then that prize would be drawn once again. Four lucky show attendees won semi-precious stones mounted in sterling silver or 9c gold in the form of ear rings or pendants.

One unique aspect of this years show was the inclusion of 4 experts in the fields of geology, gemology and minerology. They provided this service free to anyone who wanted to present a gem, crystal, mineral or anything else related, and they would evaluate same and provide professional opinions on the sample. These 4 professionals were kept very busy for about 90% of their time at the tables. The whole concept was very well received by every visitor, and many stall holders, who took advantage of this free service.

The sand sieving was also very popular with the littlies and the 2 diamond saws ran virtually non stop cutting a wide range of thunder eggs. This was very popular with both young and old, and the look on people’s faces in anticipation of what was inside was only eclipsed by their look of surprise when they finally saw what was actually inside of their egg.

All in all, this show was a resounding success and every participant, whether as a stall holder or as a volunteer, can hold their heads up high and be proud of their contribution. A sincere thank you goes out to everyone for being an essential part of the 2021 South Burnett Gem Show.

Our 2022 show will be very similar to the 2021 show, except for the change of venue and the dates.

A few photos of our 2021 Gem Show

Sit down, I will look at them gem now!
That Thunder Egg is hard to cut!
Who said opal did not come in eggs?
That sand sieving is hard work
Those smiling faces make this display
That color is unbelievable
A few outside tailgaters and their customers
Now where should I put that?
Setting up in the main Pavilion
It is nearly ready for the rush

South Burnett Gem and Fossicking Club Inc
Post Office Box 574, Kingaroy, Qld. 4610

Secretary:- Ph 0491 606 427


Link to our Facebook site:

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