Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Our 2023 South Burnett Gem Show was a success thanks to every visitor, all volunteers, Gem Dealers, Outside Tailgaters, and everyone else involved.

A few photos for your enjoyment:

Something for every child, including sieving for hidden gems, as well as thunder egg cutting in the background

The South Burnett Gem and Fossicking Club would like to take this opportunity to thank every participant who was in any way involved with this excellent gem show. A giant thank you to all the stall holders, both inside and outside, all volunteers, and of course, every visitor on both Saturday and Sunday. The range of products on sale was a credit to all those who bothered to either make them, and/or display them.

While Saturday was overcast, the day was pleasant and cool. Sunday commenced sunny and remained that way, and one could not have wished for a better day. We thank the weather gods for looking down on us with kindness.

The Gem Club would also like to thank all sponsors, both large and small, for contributing both funds and goods, which were all very much appreciated. The 16 different luck door prizes were won on the day and the winners were certainly grinners. A special thankyou to our two major sponsors, South Burnett Regional Council and Samios Plumbing, for their support in kind and on the day. Plus a big thank-you to every one of our other some 40 sponsors who added value to the weekend.

All in all, a most satisfactory Gem Show and the club will now be taking stock of the weekend and seeing how we can make it even better in 2024.

A sincere thankyou to everyone who contributed to the 2023 South Burnett Gem Show.

Our 2023 Gem Show was a great success and we look forward to seeing you in 2024.

In the meantime, enjoy everything that nature and this marvelous world provides us.

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