Gems and Crystals

While Australian Gems and Crystals are not always considered to be of world class quality, we, as Australians are able to fossick for same at some absolutely amazing places. In any event, our Gems and Crystals are well worth the time, effort and cost of making that memorable journey. Australia is known worldwide as the driest continent in the world and that means there are many out-of-the-way places to visit and satisfy our hobby (obsession?).

What you need firstly is the time necessary to get to some of these remote fossicking spots as they could well be thousands of kilometers (miles) from home. After that, the most important tool is a 4WD vehicle capable of traversing some really rough country. If really remote all the necessary camping gear, food and fossicking equipment need to be taken along. In many cases, particular out of the rainy season, you will need to take all of your water requirements (drinking, cooking and washing). And of course, before you head off into the wild blue yonder you need to do as much research as you can on not only the types of Gems or Crystals you will be fossicking for, but the best way of finding the right spot and what to look for. Many Gems and Crystals look nothing like the finished cut and polished end product when you look at them in the rough.

On top of the above be prepared to get tired and dirty by the end of the day and a hot or cold shower may well be several days away depending on your water situation. Some would say “What kind of hobby is that”? If you want the answer, just ask a fossicker!

One of those outback Aussie trips is outlined in one our other blogs (see below).

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