Our 2021 Gem Show

We are now in the midst of organizing the details in putting on the South Burnett Gem and Fossicking Club’s yearly Gem Show (subject to Covid 19 if course).

The venue has been booked – Kingaroy Showgrounds, Qld., Australia, and we are now taking all the bookings from the Inside Traders and Outside Tailgaters who wish to attend. We are about to collect some more Thunder Eggs so that we have sufficient for the little kids (and big kids) who wish to try their luck on cutting through the egg with a diamond saw, wondering what is inside.

We are currently distributing the small A4 poster to every promotional site around the South Burnett and will be distributing thousands of A5 flyers in the area over the coming weeks. The public address system has been booked, the required fencing is being organized, the onsite canteen requirements are being ascertained and the Southern Queensland Tourism and Events organization has now included our event on their web site. Sponsors have already been organized, including the local regional council.

Looking at the usual official lists of similar events it is obvious that some organizations have decided to go ahead with their events, but about half have cancelled them, even though Queensland has not had any Covid 19 community cases for at least 4 weeks now. I fully understand that many communities in the world would love to have that statistic, but nevertheless, there are still many people in local communities around here who are somewhat reluctant to take the plunge and commit to their organization to any organized event. We have indeed taken that plunge.

Accordingly, we request that as many traders, tailgaters and visitors as possible make it their business to attend this fantastic and interesting event. You will be able to see, touch, feel and buy gems, crystals, minerals and jewellery. You will also be able to watch demonstrations, talk to experts, cut thunder eggs, sand sieve with the kids and have something to eat. All in all, a Gem Show worth being a part of, whether as a trader or a visitor. See you at the Kingaroy Showgrounds on the 10th and 11th of April, 2021.

Even the dog shows interest!
A big range of eyewatering gems
The bear seems to have nodded off!
This fells has the right idea – he has found a real nugget!!

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