Gems and Crystals

While Australian Gems and Crystals are not always considered to be of world class quality, we, as Australians are able to fossick for same at some absolutely amazing places. In any event, our Gems and Crystals are well worth the time, effort and cost of making that memorable journey. Australia is known worldwide as theContinue reading “Gems and Crystals”

Fossicking in Australia’s outback

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has affected most of us in the last 6 months or so, I, in company with my 48 year old son, went fossicking for gems, mineral specimens and crystals during August 2020. Australia, unlike many countries around the world, was fortunate to have the right governmental policies and geographical positionContinue reading “Fossicking in Australia’s outback”

Covid 19 and Our Gem Club

These unsure times are getting many of us down as the severity and timing of any lockdowns keep changing. Many towns in Australia, particularly down south, are still unsure as to where this pandemic is heading. Out here in country Queensland we have enjoyed very little restrictions and life has mainly gone on unchallenged. OurContinue reading “Covid 19 and Our Gem Club”