Club’s next field trip

For the last few weeks efforts have been made to organize a field trip to Marlborough, a rural locality some 107klms north-west of Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. This area is well know for the Chrysoprase found not far away from the township. For those not aware of what this unique green gem looks like, I suggest checking out the wonderful photos available on your favorite search engine.

The difficulty with arranging this field trip is finding a place with sufficient product where permission can be granted to fossick. There are a number of commercial Chrysoprase mines in the area and much of the land still has exploration leases on it. Using Google Earth and maps produced by the Queensland Government have narrowed down our search, and we are now trying to sort out who owns the land, who has a lease on it and who do we need permission from to fossick.

In any event, if you wish to be a part of this trip leaving from the South East corner of Queensland, let the club’s Secretary know of your interest ( see bottom of Home Page). The timing of this event has yet to be decided and we will update this site when details are known.

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